The SoFlo Strikeforce Marries Imposing Looks With Ridiculous 1000 Horsepower That Can Only Come From An Electric Powerplant

SoFlo Customs continues to lead the way in lifted, custom super truck innovation with latest all electric, on-road/off-road beast

1,000 horsepower, Kevlar coated exterior shell, 4” lift, 38” tires with 20” rims, no it’s not a Jeep or a Bronco it’s an all-electric GMC Hummer EV that receives custom treatment from the best in the business – South Florida Customs (SoFlo Customs, formerly SoFlo Jeeps). While no other purveyor of such hand-crafted automotive work has dared to work on the complex suspension of the GMC Hummer EV ever since it debuted late in late 2021, SoFlo couldn’t wait, literally transforming the much-press-covered and lauded pickup truck as soon as they were able to get their mechanic gloves on one.

Dubbed by the Fort Lauderdale mainstay shop as the SoFlo Strikeforce, paying homage to the current and past US military members and those Hummer trucks that aided them in their pursuit of victory. With that, the company takes the bland high gloss white Hummer EV exterior, the only color currently offered by GMC, and improves its defenses with a three part “Army Green” epoxy fused with Kevlar fibers. The look is simply ‘stormin’ Norman,’ as the coating is perfect for deflecting any off-road projectiles, like rocks, tree branches and other debris. With 350 miles of battery range and 11,500 FT-LBS of torque no mission is impossible for this Edition 1 conversion. This highway ready truck starts at $219,999.

Since the Hummer EV features removable Tee-Tops, owners will want to convert their existing vehicle into a SoFlo Strikeforce because the custom truck features marine grade, weatherproof interior ( That won’t be impacted by rain, sun, or even snow) on the seats, dash, headrest and armrest.

Hummer EV Custom Cowboy Interior

A true super truck in every aspect, this build comes with additional features such as:

  • Ultium 24-module battery system (best in class output)
  • Electronic lockable differential (capable of delivering up to 100 percent of the motor torque to one wheel)
  • E4WD propulsion
  • Energy Assist charging schedule
  • One Pedal Driving (converts the kinetic energy of the truck’s forward momentum into stored electricity)
  • Regen on Demand (slows truck to full stop without pressing brake pedal)
  • Super Cruise (finds optimal lane to avoid traffic)
  • Rocker protectors with assist steps
  • Special driving modes: CrabWalk, Watts to Freedom (0-60 mph in approximately 3 seconds)
  • D-ring recovery hooks
  • Removable tee-tops
  • 800-volt 350 kilowatt DC fast charging capability
  • Hood trunk
  • Multiport tailgate audio system by Kicker
  • Light cubes
  • Hard power retractable tonneau cover
  • Rear splash guards
  • Keyless entry and one touch control
  • Bose system, complete with 14 high-performance speakers and AudioPilot noise reduction volume adjustment
  • Epic Games infotainment center drive-mode animations
  • UltraVision 18 available camera view system ideal for parking
Back Quarter View Hummer EV with full lift activated

Those interested in obtaining the SoFlo Strikeforce or converting their existing Hummer EV can contact SoFlo Customs directly.

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