2020 Custom Jeep Gladiator Sport

Custom Jeep Gladiator Kevlar Sport

You ever want to pull up next to another driver and just intimidate them when they look over, well then So Flo Jeeps has what you need with this 2020 Jeep Gladiator. Riding tall on a 4” premium lift, with Falcon steering stabilizer to give the driver complete control over all highways and off road trails, ensuring it never veers when traveling at high speeds and a control arm drop. Additionally, it has been outfitted with super silent Patagonia 37 tires and XPD-700 Savage high gloss 22x12 rims.



With four-completely-removable doors and open air top, it also comes with metal-guard off road doors, while the custom roll cage completes the professional look. This Galdiator comes expertly crafted with additional features such as a Stubby front bumper with XRC 9500 grappling winch, 50” LED light bar across the windshield, power sidesteps, 8.4” infotainment screen and iPhone color-controlled Halo Headlights round out the build.


Green Kevlar


Brown Leather


3.6L V6

The exterior paint on this beauty is something to truly behold, as it is color matched across the body and even the custom Predator hood.

 The professionals at So Flo Jeeps begin this labor intensive process that is not often used by other dealers because of the time and dedication required. Step one, the team removes all plastic, rubber and fabric factory parts before cascading the entire Jeep in So Flo Jeeps’ custom 3 part epoxy Kevlar coating from top to bottom, inside and out, including door jams. One physical touch of the rough, durable texture of this proprietary coating and you will know that scrapes, scratches and marks from flying debris are a thing of the past. The best part of this modern paint veil has to be the cleaning process, lose the hour plus of scrubbing with shammies and electric buffing, instead just pull out the power washer and blast the whole vehicle head to toe of unwanted dirt and earth. Finally, this Gladiator’s interior is highlighted by the Moraccan tan seats and dash with diamond stitch. The leather used is Marine Grade and fully weather proof, making it ready to stand up to any extreme conditions. So Flo Jeeps has thrived not only because no one is creating functional products and unique designs like us, but also because we walk the talk and back up each new vehicle aftermarket part, we produce or install, with a 3 year warranty. This even includes our paint job no matter where you live on the planet, so bring on the Alaskan artic cold or fire hot Florida sun. Love what you see but want to add some more, then visit our custom Jeep builder.

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